georgewhippleIIIGeorge Whipple has always been interested in the rich history of Putnam County. He is the Third generation of his family to live at Pine View Farm in Kent. In 1999, he founded the Society for the Preservation of Putnam County Antiquities and Greenways (aka Preserve Putnam) with an ambitious goal of delivering five major history and preservation projects over the course of five years. The first project alone took five years.

At Spain Cornerstone Park, Preserve Putnam worked with Putnam County to convert a gas station and brown field located in the middle of the Hamlet of Carmel into a green space and conference center. This pocket county park is enjoyed by local residents and the meeting space is active four or five times a week with meetings and events hosted by community groups. A memorial honoring county residents who participated in the rescue efforts and those who died in the tragic attacks of 9/11 sits was erected at the corner of the green space.  Preserve Putnam owns Spain Cornerstone Park and leases it to Putnam County for 10 cents per year so that residents may enjoy free access to this local resource.

When the Red Mills Baptist Church (c. 1837) was threatened to be torn down in 1999 due to structural foundation issues, George Whipple stepped in have the historic building dismantled and put in storage. Over a decade later the Church was rebuilt as a non-denominational chapel in the County Park. The chapel was named for the late Captain George Carroll Whipple, Jr. and Sergeant Robert S. Feeley, both of whom resided at Pine View Farm in Kent.

Preserve Putnam was the steward of Tilly Foster Farm Museum for five years, hosting educational activities and bringing horses and a collection of critically endangered early American farm animals to Tilly Foster for visitors to enjoy. The rare breeds included a herd of Randall Lineback cattle; flocks of Cayuga ducks and Narragansett turkeys; an American Mammoth Jackstock donkey, Nate; and guinea hogs – a  favorite with the kids. Over 10,000 visitors enjoyed the working farm and hundreds of events were held over the five-year period. Under Preserve Putnam’s stewardship, Tilly Foster was free and open to the people at Putnam County. Mr. Whipple personally donated over $350,000 to support the farm museum and through his efforts secured over one million in funding for property enhancements and farm operations.

George Whipple, III has been recognized by various groups for his contributions to Putnam County civic, environmental and historic preservation movements. Mr. Whipple received the Gold Medal for Civic Responsibility from the Sons of the American Revolution, an award from the Putnam County Chamber of Commerce, as well as awards from The Putnam County Courier and the Hudson Valley Association.